Sardis Family

Let’s meet

Initially we would like to thank you for visiting our website and secondly to meet you and get to know us better…

We love Kimolos very much and we liked to stay here for a long time, so we decided to leave our life in Athens and combine our great love (Kimolos) with work.

We all decided together, as a family, to deal with tourism, as getting to know and communicating with people is something special…and we were right.

Our History

In 1992 we started building our rooms. When our first guests arrived, we wanted to meet their requirements and fill their needs as we wanted to make their vacation more enjoyable …

By gaining experience and new ideas, in 1995 we took the second big step and built our restaurant. Our customers that come from opening until today give us the strength to continue offering high quality services.

So every year we try to become better and better, always having as our principle high quality services and pleasant stay of our guests.

In 2004 we renovated our rooms to provide better services for our guests.

In 2008 we completely renovated our restaurant, so that we can cope with the needs of the era.

We always put ourselves in the customer’s place and we always try to do our best, while constantly learning … and we continue …

We are waiting to meet you and offer you an unforgettable stay in the hotel SARDIS!!!

We wish you a pleasant stay and Happy Holidays!

Dimitris – Themis – Anna – Beba

The grandfather of the Sardis family, Themistoklis painted by his granddaughter Kiriaki.